Tips And Trick For Playing Castle Clash Also Get a Strong Base

Do you want to play an exciting online game? Castle Clash can be your choice because it contains exciting features to help you enjoy your gaming time. Unlike other strategy games, this game allows you to buy Hero, enjoy the features, and more. When you decide to play this game, you better know the right Castle Clash tips and tricks for playing this game. Here are the tips and tricks for you:

1. Don’t Upgrade Unimportant Buildings

Don’t be hurry to upgrade buildings. By improving buildings, your might building will increase. If your Might is not balanced with the hero level, you will be challenging to attack another base, and you will not win the game. You are better at increasing the hero level first, and then you can upgrade your building.

2. Upgrade Important Buildings

You are must upgrade some important buildings to make your Might is balance. For example, you can upgrade Gold Vault, Mana Vault, and Tower.

3. Upgrade Town Hall First

Different from other games, you don’t have to upgrade other buildings first. You have to upgrade Town Hall first because the game has different guidelines. In Castle Clash, you are recommended to walk in low Might but have a high hero level. Also, when you upgrade Town Hall first, you will have a chance to get various facilities such as towers, walls, and more. By upgrading Town Hall first, you will also get a strong base that will make you confident when playing this game.

4. Upgrade Watch Tower Until Level 10, and Change it into Arrow Tower

The tower is the essential building in Castle Clash. The tower can protect your base from other attacks. So not only upgrade Townhall first, you have to upgrade your tower too. And then, change your watchtower into an arrow tower. Why? It is because the arrow tower is the strongest, and it will be useful for attacking other Heroes that attack your base. So, the Hero for other stations will die and will not damage your base.

5. Use Strategic Base Composition

Base composition is also an essential part of this game. So, you are better to use strategic base composition, such as death box and diamond death.

6. Buy Multiple Target Hero Legend

Another thing you have to consider is Hero. You have to buy a Hero, which is helpful for you. For example, you can buy Thunder God or Immortep. Those heroes will be helpful and also help you to attack your enemies. So, don’t buy a Hero randomly. When you buy the right Hero, you will be helped by the Hero you have purchased. And it can make you get victory in this game.

Those are some tips and tricks for playing Castle Clash. So, have you decided to play this game immediately? Using the tips and tricks above, you will enjoy the game and want to play it again the next time. There are still many tips to play Castle Clash, but you can use the information above to get victory in Castle Clash because the tips above are straightforward to do.