Pokémon GO – Possible contents of the next update

Pokémon GO has received its first update of 2017, quite focused on the users of Apple Watch. Although it looks like an update without any importance, the interesting thing is hidden in the code of the game, which has received content, as the team at The Silph Road has discovered. Here is the news:

  • 38 new movements. Among the most relevant novelties are these new movements that are now in the Pokémon GO code. 38 new movements involve the first incorporation of shares in Niantic’s title, removing the transformation of Ditto. Many of them are all ready to be added.
  • Objects to evolve Pokémon. Another possible development for the future update is the addition of items to evolve our Pokémon. They do not have any graphic assets in the POGO code, but the names (such as the Solar Stone) are shown.
  • Forms of Pokémon. In the code, these “forms” of Pokémon apply directly to the Unown, those creatures that constantly change shape. We assume that incorporating the forms implies that we will see within very little to the Unown in the title of Niantic.
  • News section. It seems that soon we will have a section dedicated to informing news, events, and other news in Pokémon GO. It would be a button integrated into the menu to access this news section.
  • More customization options. I also added new customization options for our Pokémon GO avatar, namely belts, glasses, and pendant. Perhaps we will see all those novelties with which to decorate our avatar very soon and thus stop having all the same appearance.
  • Pokémon shiny + genre. In previous updates, there is already more information about the Pokémon shiny in the code. In this, there is still more code on this variant of the creatures available in Pokémon GO. Also, it seems that soon we will also see Pokémon of different genre in the title of Niantic. This is code that has been added to Pokémon GO with the new game update. This means that we may not see these new features in the next update or will not see them all at the same time. In any case, these are pretty interesting features, but it stays in “possible” future content.