Payday 2 on PS4 – All the Exclusive Features

If you love first-person shooter games, then Payday 2 is the game for you. And if you’d like to enjoy it on your PlayStation 4, you need to know about the exclusive features that the PS4 offers. In this blog, we’ll look at 5 different features that are exclusive to PS4. We’ll also look at the original Payday 2 and how it compares to Payday 2 on PS4.

You may have heard there are significant differences between the PS3 version of Payday 2 and the PS4 version. This is very difficult to overlook, especially if you’re a PS4 owner.

You might have already learned of some of these changes just by checking out the PS4 version of the game, but there are some things you might not have noticed yet. PS4 users get several exclusive builds, including cool new weapons, masks, and mods.

PS4 users also get advanced security monitoring, which will allow them to have a better time on Crime. You’ll get to get your hands on the PS4 exclusive heists. The PS4 version of the game also offers PlayStation Trophies. And, since the game is developed by OVERKILL, it’s also optimized for PS4, giving you a better, smoother gameplay experience.

Exclusive Gameplay Elements

The PlayStation 4 has been the best-selling console of this current generation, and now that it has a library of hundreds of games, it’s a great time to own a PlayStation 4. While the PlayStation 4 has many exclusive games, one of the biggest exclusives is Payday 2. The PlayStation 4 version of Payday 2 has tons of exclusive features and content that you can’t get on any other platform. Here’s a look at what makes the PlayStation 4 version of Payday 2 the ultimate version of the game.

In the Sony tradition of bringing the best games to the PlayStation 4, we’re excited to announce that Payday 2 will be coming to the PlayStation 4! Not only does the PlayStation 4 version of Payday 2 have exclusive features, but it also has exclusive content that you can’t get anywhere else! Here’s a look at what makes the PlayStation 4 version of Payday 2 the ultimate version of the game:

Exclusive Features

Whenever there is a new console, there are always new games to go with it. And with the release of the PS4, there are even more exclusives you can only find on Sony’s latest console. Whether you are a PlayStation fan or not, you are probably familiar with the exclusives available for the PS3. Well, you can now play these games on your PS4. The Playstation 4 is the latest console from Sony. If you are a gamer who plays online, you will want to check out the PS4. Other exclusive features for the PS4 include exclusive content, first on PS4, and PS4 first. A lot of the firsts will be firsts for Sony. To find out more about these features, read below.

When it comes to the PS4 and the Xbox One, people have many different opinions about which is better. Some people favor the PS4 because it has a lot of exclusive games. Other people favor the Xbox One because it has a lot of exclusive features. Whatever your preference is, there can be no denying that both of these consoles have a lot to offer, and if you have a PS4, you should check out these exclusive features.

Sony and developer Overkill Software have teamed up for a very cool feature in Payday 2: The Heist: an exclusive PlayStation 4-only bank heist mission. The mission, free for all PlayStation 4 users who own the game, will be available to download sometime in August. Overkill hasn’t yet revealed what the heist mission would be like. Still, the developer did confirm that it will be an entirely new mission explicitly designed for the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Smoother performance

The PlayStation 4 version of Payday 2 is optimized to play at 60 frames per second, which is double the amount of frames per second (FPS) the previous generation of consoles (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) can play.

The game will also support 1080p resolution, which is the highest resolution available on the PlayStation 4. Both of these features were not possible on the previous generation of consoles, which is why they are exclusives to the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Payday 2 is also the first PlayStation 4 to be completely Cross-Play with all other consoles (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox One). This means all players on all platforms can play together, which has not been done before on console.

Comparing to the original

Currently, three million people are playing Payday 2 on Steam. And that’s pretty impressive, considering that the game is a few years old and that it’s a PC exclusive. So how’s the PlayStation 4 version going to stack up? Well, we can’t speak for the entire console community, but we can talk from a very biased point of view as PlayStation owners. And from our experience, it’s clear that Payday 2 is a much better experience on PlayStation 4.

The PS4 version is a console exclusive and has a lot of awesome features. But how does it compare to the original? The PS4 is a powerful console and has a lot of awesome exclusive features. But how does the PS4 version compare to the original? Is it something you should consider buying? Is it worth buying if you already have the original version? Is the price difference too much?

To answer all of these questions, we’ve included a comparison of both versions. You’ll be able to decide for yourself if all the features are worth repurchasing the game.

Comparison Overview Payday 2 is an action game that takes place in the crime world. It’s a sequel to the game Payday: The Heist and has a lot of awesome features. It has an online multiplayer game mode, and it has a lot of different kinds of weapons, masks, and fantastic heists. The game is available on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows. The game was originally released in October 2013, and Overkill Software created it. The game became popular after it was released, and it gained almost universal acclaim.


The PS4 version of Payday 2 will have several exclusive features, including a whole new heist, a new perk deck, a new enemy type, a new weapon, a new mask, a new skill tree, a new contact, and a new location. We hope you enjoyed our blog on Payday 2 on PS4, and we hope it helped you understand what makes this version of the game so different from the other versions!