Have Fun Throwing the Ball with Tigerball

One of the most downloaded games in the last months of 2016 was this Tigerball, continuing in the top downloads on the premise so simple that offers the game; launches the ball and put it in the basket. Without entering even in details, the style simple of Tigerball is incredibly addictive, with which not is of wonder that is found in that top.

Although its game dynamics may seem too simple, the truth is it has a characteristic that makes it very special. It’s a very elaborate physics system which determines the movement of the ball when we launched it, recording, including the strength and speed that we apply with your finger.

Without much else to examine its gameplay, our main task is pressing the striped color ball and throw it to looking for the angle and the adequate force to get it to the basket. The game has 100 levels spread over 20 worlds, loaded with obstacles to overcome, which will make the task of dunk the ball in the basket increasingly complicated.

Have 5 lives to reach as far as is possible, and whenever fail, a shooting will lose any of them. Instead, if we hit will receive a few coins, we can buy improvements that we will help to get farther, as more lives for increasing our possibilities of advance, or pumps to make exploit parts of the stage.

The music that will accompany us in our casual games to Tigerball is a melody for piano in the style of silent cinema. With it, we can only enjoy the hand-drawn scenery and try to get as far as we can without that lives are exhausted us. It’s available for free for iOS and Android devices. Here are the links to the app: