Clash Royale – The challenges of choice are already available

Last Saturday, Supercell announced through its official website that the challenges of choice return to Clash Royale. It is a sort of game mode in which we can choose to play “friendly” matches with our friends and clanmates, or participate in more competitive court battles to win coins and cards.

In any case, from today – February 11 – until next February 23, we can begin to play challenges of choice with our friends or clanmates, without any cost of gems. Until that moment, we can go to the friendly battles section to challenge one of our comrades.

In addition, we will also have available the “classic choice challenge” and the “great challenge of choice” from February 20-23. To participate in this classic choice challenge, we will have to pay 10 gems, although we can win up to 2000 gold coins and 100 cards.

As for the great challenge of choice, we will have to pay 100 gems, but the prizes are much more palatable. We can win up to 22,000 gold coins and 1,000 cards. Unlike other Supercell challenges, you have to pay for the gems whenever you join a challenge of choice. Learn how to use the Clash Royale Hack Tool to get free gems instantly.

Finally, in these challenges of choice, you have the mechanics of choosing 4 cards and receiving 4 cards from our opponent, which is for many Clash Royale players, one of the best things that could have happened to the Supercell title. From the 11th to the 23rd of February, we have to challenge friends and clanmates, and from 20 to 23 February to participate.

To start with the challenges of choice, in Aluna Games, we will tell you which are the best cards to choose and tips to win every game. Do not miss this game mode, and it will only be available for a few days!