Clash Royale: The best deck of cards for Arena 1

The first of the Clash Royale arena after passing the training phase is the Duende Stadium, in which we can unlock the following cards: Elves with the spear, goblins, goblin hut, valkyrie, lightning and barrel of goblins. Here we will begin to enjoy the Supercell title battles, so we need to start configuring a deck.

You do not feel lost in the process, and if you have just started in Clash Royale, today we bring you a guide with the best deck of cards for Arena 1.

Initial Deck for Arena 1

With this deck that we propose for Arena 1 – Stadium Duende, we have an average cost of 3.8 units of elixir, a figure quite acceptable to perform one of the most basic combos of the game: tank + attack troop + troop of support for. Next, you have the cards that make up this deck of cards:

  • Giant: 5 elixir. The main pillar of our basic strategy is to grab the attention of the defensive troops and go straight through the tower. It will be our human shield in our attack, with its large number of PS.
  • Prince: 5 elixir. Our main attack unit, which will go directly to the enemy that is planted ahead. If we put it on the board next to the Giant, it will be a very destructive combination.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A .: 4 elixir. It will serve as the second unit of attack, but care must be taken because it has few health points compared to other units.
  • Musketeer: 4 elixir. These warriors serve us as a support troop when attacking since their attack is of rank. Besides, they can support with enemy aerial troops.
  • Archers: 3 elixir. The archers will help us boost the attack we make, thus serving as support. They can also be very useful in case our rival has some air troops.
  • Knight: 3 elixir. Its health points make it ideal as a third unit of attack, in addition to being able to inflict harm, nothing despicable.
  • Bomber: 3 elixir. We can be of great help to account for troops with few health points, such as skeletons—more to defend than to attack, although here everything is worth.
  • Arrows: 3 elixir. It is very effective against enemies with few health points or groups of enemies since they have an area of effect when used for defense or attack.

Now that we have clear the deck, it is important to know how to attack our opponent. We have to always push along a line with a Giant, an attack troop (like the Prince), a support troop, or the other attack troop. We still have to leave the task ahead, or we risk losing the troop of attack.

Also, be very careful with the balance of the elixir in each game. It is essential to avoid being left without anything available so that we can counter some powerful offense of our rival, or reinforce our attack with some support troops. The elixir trade is very important in Clash Royale, so do not forget to pay attention to the enemy movement.

We hope that this base deck will serve as support to start winning trophies and so climbing arena. The Duende Stadium is just the beginning.