How To Be A Great Castle Clash Player – Best Strategy

Castle Clash is a strategy game that is so interesting to play. So, there are so many people who want to play this game on PC and also on Android. Some people can’t play this game well because they don’t know about the right tips to be a great Castle Clash player. There are so many tips for playing Castle Clash and then get the victory of this game. Here are some tips for you:

• Don’t Give up and Be Patient
Some people feel so desperate when they can’t win this game, and then they decide to give up. When it happens to you, you don’t have to give up because there are many chances to get a victory. Try to be patient. Doing it will make it easy to get something in this game, for example, Gem. When you get many gems, you can use them for rolling your Hero to become a legend.

• Take Daily Reward
Another tip you can use to be a great player in the Castle Clash game is taking a daily reward. A daily reward is a chance for you to be a great player. Why? It is because the daily reward can create many Castle Clash Gems, and it will give you a chance to have a unique hero legend. So, don’t forget to take a daily reward to get a special Hero that will be so useful for you.

• Don’t Waste HBM and HT
HBM (Here Be Monster) and HT (Hero Trial) are very useful for you. HBM can create Shard and EXP, while HT can create Honor Badges (HB), Gems, Hero, and more. Don’t leave these because these will give you a chance to be a great player.

• Follow Event in Guild
If you have a Guild and held a competition or event, you can join the game, especially if the Guild held a Might competition. Why do you have to enter the competition? The competition usually offers money as a reward. It will be useful for you because you can use your money to buy items in Castle Clash, and then you can increase your Might.

• Increase Might First
Don’t consider Hero, but you have to think about Might first. You can increase might first, because it will be so easy to increase the quality of Hero, and you will also get a great reward.

• Don’t Waste Your Time to Create or Change Base
A thing you have to know in this game is time. Don’t waste your time making or changing your Base. Do it fast because it will allow other players to get a chance while you lose your chance. So, the point is, don’t waste your time.

You can still use many tips to play the Castle Clash and become a great player in this game. But, you can use the information above because those are very simple and can be tried easily when you play Castle Clash. Finally, hopefully, the tips above will help you be a winner in the Castle Clash game.